“The Curator”, JAN-PHILIPP KOSFELD, 2018

“The Curator”, JAN-PHILIPP KOSFELD, 2018


BYGONE serves as vehicle to give bygone moments an everlasting life. Every process involved in creating BYGONE Artworks is inherently and deliberately slow-paced and singular.

Just like film photography itself.

It is only about the Images, the moments, not the artists.

At BYGONE we shoot predominantly small and medium film formats. Working with film only, allows us to capture all the individual characteristics of the process, including the motif / the photographer / the developer / the printer / the framer in one piece or art. Everyone involved takes great pride and care in their craft.

Each Artwork is custom made on order, hand-developed and hand-printed to suitable measurements. It will then be custom framed with a one-off frame matching the motif. Each Artwork will only be produced once, exclusively for you. As soon as a print is sold we will immediately discontinue it, assuring 100% uniqueness. This way after you bought the Artwork you can be sure that it will stay the only one ever to be made.

This is what makes the experience of BYGONE moments deeper, more personal, longer lasting and more valuable.

For Questions please email: JPK@BY-GONE.COM

To get the PASSCODE for the Databank please write an email to the address above, introducing yourself and explaining your intentions to gain access to the Main Area.